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Subject Groundhog Day is Saturday - anyone got plans?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On February 2nd is the day the tree buds start to swell; whether or not the sun is shining. Fun! At the least, we'll be dressed in plaid and ride around watching for groundhogs pop up out of their holes. Then over brunch at the diner, we'll speculate if they pop right back down because they see their own shadow, or not. We know where to find them, too! They're at a local zoo, and there's a highway island around here that for some reason harbors a pod of groundhogs, and then of course there's the big magilla in Punxatawney Pennsylvania about a 5 hour drive away. "They say" winter's over if there are no shadows so the groundhogs stay up outside or else it'll be 6 more weeks of winter if the shadow scares them right back into the burrow. It's either this, or maybe by Saturday then, something better to do will come up. Probably it won't.
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