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Message Subject Groundhog Day is Saturday - anyone got plans?
Poster Handle OP
Post Content
Plans for this week getting ready for Groundhog Day we'll make some groundhog/hole/shadow theme projects from felt, yarn, pompoms, googly eyes, colored chenille sticks, seashells, packing peanuts, tissue paper, feathers, pinbacks, kraft paper, and cardboard. Got vague pictures of designs for pins, puppets, and a wac-a-mole game in mind already, so all we have to do is set the materials out for the kids, describe it, get it started, and clean up after it. Might have some extra for give-aways for new pals met along the Groundhog Day trail, or maybe put 'em up for auction for big bucks and see what happens. Hey you never know.
Kinda more fun than the clean-up after dining on rodents.
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