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Message Subject Tell me what 'religion' YOU think the TPTB follow ?
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Many, many people have stated even, the church itself has-- that the Church of Scientology is the church of the Illuminati.
 Quoting: Natures Wrath

Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard's blend of Crowleyanity and Science Fiction. It is it not Ordo Illuminati. Though O.I. may make some use of it in its system from time to time, the COS is mostly made up of idiots and usable pawns. It's smalltime and generally irrelevant except to induct usable fools. It's no more O.I. than the Church of Religious Science.

Even the Church of Satan is mostly useless in regard to finding out information on Illuminati. These are smalltime, low magic fan clubs. They do some evil and make some noise, they are not the old world Roman Empirial royality. And those are the people we are interested in.

Crowley is useful for finding information on Illuminati doctrine. But none of the outer orders, except for the very slim possiblity of extant A.'.A.'. is useful at all.

OTO is utterly irrelevant as well as is most of Scottish Rite and Blue Masonry, except they be of the high grades.
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