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Message Subject California Councilwoman: You Can Be Shot By An Unloaded Gun!
Poster Handle Janus198
Post Content

How do you argue with this kind of ignorance?
 Quoting: UnderCoverMan

Actually she said 'presents a threat' which is true.
Carrying a gun unconcealed makes you a target, especially
around gangs and the other gang, cops.

Very stupid to walk around with an unloaded weapon
in plain view.

Very stupid to walk around with a loaded weapon you
either can't or won't use when under attack.

Very stupid for females to hold out a gun and threaten
'freeze you turkey' while wobbling around in sandals
or high heels with hair in your face. It will be taken
and you will then be shot with your own gun.

There is no time for learning to shoot, when someone
is already shooting at you.
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