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Message Subject AMMO is GONE!! Walmart Tells Stores not to order any more Ammo. Bass Pro Backorders 4-12 months. Police officlas Looking to Seize Supplies
Poster Handle biscuits and gravy
Post Content
Those of you who "THINK" you will eventually be able to buy bullets..............

Yall just sat around for the last year watching "Preppers" buy stock piles of ammo and yall made "dumby post" about them, and now there is "NO AMMO" available.

Us Preppers did not stop at ammo, we also loaded the house with Food/Water/Toilet Paper/Coffee/Liquor and planted Gardens and started raising Rabbits & Tilopia.

Hint...Hint in the last Paragraph.

THE SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN and you are still "Asleep"!

 Quoting: biscuits and gravy

You just might be the one who is asleep...

If your a survivor you can get all the ammo you want...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12197915

Sleep? Try Guard Duty, also, I have zero need for "Additional Ammo"
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