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Message Subject AMMO is GONE!! Walmart Tells Stores not to order any more Ammo. Bass Pro Backorders 4-12 months. Police officlas Looking to Seize Supplies
Poster Handle Philligan
Post Content
22lr is good for hunting small game, but is illegal just
about everywhere for deer.

it is only a step above a pellet gun for home defense.

it is a cheap practice round, i suppose.

that being said, i wonder why so many people are going
so damn crazy for that round. they buy it as soon as
it hits the shelf like it is a drug????

i guess i can understand the run on 9mm and other common rounds.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33153695

Us Combat Veterans have Stock Piled .22 Long Rifle & 12 gauge Slug/Buck/Bird shot

Why is it the "Non-Combat Folks" need Beowolf .50cal

My 6 Combat Tours taught me, that all I need is .22 & 12ga.

And unlike most Joe's, "Nobody Survives My Firefights"...mainly because I dont want to reincounter them later, but mostly because I enjoy the Thrill.

.22 Long Rifle will Kill any Human reading this post.
 Quoting: biscuits and gravy

exactly I love to hear that the .22lr is a step above a pellet, a 22lr is very very lethal. The bullet moves once inside of the tissue.
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