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Message Subject AMMO is GONE!! Walmart Tells Stores not to order any more Ammo. Bass Pro Backorders 4-12 months. Police officlas Looking to Seize Supplies
Poster Handle biscuits and gravy
Post Content
22lr is good for hunting small game, but is illegal just
about everywhere for deer.

it is only a step above a pellet gun for home defense.

it is a cheap practice round, i suppose.

that being said, i wonder why so many people are going
so damn crazy for that round. they buy it as soon as
it hits the shelf like it is a drug????

i guess i can understand the run on 9mm and other common rounds.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33153695

Us Combat Veterans have Stock Piled .22 Long Rifle & 12 gauge Slug/Buck/Bird shot

Why is it the "Non-Combat Folks" need Beowolf .50cal

My 6 Combat Tours taught me, that all I need is .22 & 12ga.

And unlike most Joe's, "Nobody Survives My Firefights"...mainly because I dont want to reincounter them later, but mostly because I enjoy the Thrill.

.22 Long Rifle will Kill any Human reading this post.
 Quoting: biscuits and gravy

exactly I love to hear that the .22lr is a step above a pellet, a 22lr is very very lethal. The bullet moves once inside of the tissue.
 Quoting: Philligan

Exactly and .22lr Hollow point wounds are "Nasty" for emergency personel to do anything with, but I wont let them make it that far ...lol
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