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Message Subject AMMO is GONE!! Walmart Tells Stores not to order any more Ammo. Bass Pro Backorders 4-12 months. Police officlas Looking to Seize Supplies
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is an almost perfect parallel of the lead up to the French Revolution.

The deb pile got bigger and bigger until the King feared that he could no longer dervice it. He appealed to the National Assembly who refused to help.

As this happened, the King's Treasury Bo9nds tanked and peopel, fearing riots rushed to buy guns and ammo9. But this ran out, and, fearing a repression, they then stormed the Government armouries for ammo and guns.

People then feared a backlash by the Government, and so they then stormed the Bastille adn France sank into total lawlessness and mass killings, rape and mass destruction of property.

The big thing is not that the Governemtn is considering gun control. It is that the American Republic is so creaking with debt, drugs, poverty and homelesness, that people feel so extremely threatened and fearful of the future.
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