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Message Subject Iranian central bank announced dropting the zero of Rial today.
Poster Handle CripplingLies
Post Content
So a loaf of bread that cost 12,000 rials today costs 12,000 rials next week but the 12,000 rials you have as an Iranian citizen today is only worth 1.2 rials next week? Is that a good thing? Sounds like 1920's Germany to me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24009796

You're a retard, seriously.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8260452

No, he is not. We face this in Brazil in mid 80's, this made inflation skyrocket to unbelievable +80%/month. Can you picture going to the market today and buying something for about 10 dollars, then in the next week, the same thing costing about 15, and the next week about 20 and so on? This makes money worth nothing; What will happen? They will cut these 4 zeros, then prices(of everything) are going to skyrocket, what cost 1000 rial, will cost 1 rial, the next month, it will cost 100 rial again, which is the same as 100000 rial in few weeks, this is a disaster, the worst thing ever to happen...
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