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Message Subject Wake the others THE FUCK UP!
Poster Handle 10193131
Post Content
Most on this site are already awake.

How many of you are really linking this information to other sources? Or how many of you are just dancing around in conspiracy forums, like this one, and turning information over and over to people who are already awake? If you are doing this, this is fruitless as it only further enrages the already enraged. We don't need this.

We don't need to wake ourselves up any more than we already are. We need to wake others up! We need to wake up the complacent. We need to enrage the satisfied and the lazy.

So if you are just lingering in here to grab the new atrocity of truth to make you further hate those that are asleep, please don't. Please move the information out so others have a chance to see for themselves.


Because until you do that, you are just being cowardly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32908666

I guess that all depends on what you mean by 'wake up'. Are you absolutely certain that you are 'awake'?

'Waking up' can be a trigger word for Dreamtime as well you know?

I'm no longer concerned with 'waking up' and whatever that may mean. I'm concerned with knowing the Truth and then acting accordingly. Only then will I 'wake up'.
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