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Message Subject In a city where Guns are all-but-illegal to own, Chicago mother-of-four loses *FOURTH* child to gun violence
Poster Handle AdHocBOHICA
Post Content
Please don't disrespect our President. He grew up an underpriviledged black youth that struggled and worked his way though Yale....he's a shining example
 Quoting: bluegirlredstate 3034706

1) He's not our legitimate president.
2) He has never, ever done anything in his brief and heavily-redacted life that indicates he deserves respect.
3) He grew up as an upper class mixed race child in Indonesia and Hawaii, the son of a banking executive.
4) He took advantage of Affirmative Action and foreign exchange student programs and receive 100% funding from sources he will not reveal. No struggle, expect on the part of those trying to release his files.
5) He sailed through Harvard as the son of famous Communists. Not Yale.
6) He shines like the Red Star of Communism, nothing more.
 Quoting: Professor Xavier
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