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Message Subject A song about free will, a song about Adam...
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It looks very good on first read through. I will reply when I have a chance to think about it some more. Knus.

5 :str fsh:
 Quoting: Penultimate

Is words written for those first Adams, who were the first to gain the free will and used it to turn away from the true Source, our Divine Mother and Father...
Not only turn away from, but creating a world where the layer upon layer of illusion is present...
A world where only parts of the Tree of Life are used, to obtain control and power...
A kingdom of shadows...
Not realizing that the only power and control present, is the power to cling on to a lie...

In the time of transition ahead of us, those will be needed to make the testimony of turning their backs to the Father and capturing the Mother for their own selfish wants, when they connect truly with the Source and stop mixing it with their own ego and personal wants, they will be the witnesses of the path away and back again...

Lots of love to you my friend
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