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Message Subject A song about free will, a song about Adam...
Poster Handle Ministar
Post Content
Love your thread
All so true.. made me want to write this:

We have been here for eons of time
Came to explore this wonderful universe of light
Wanted to experience duality in it's deepest form
Asking for a matrix world, a web of illusion
Dark entities created false gods
We gave our power away
Now once again giving power away through new age
Gurus angels and ascended masters

Now it is time to cut the bullshit
Learn to see ourselves again
Go in
Into our hearts
In our hearts there is only love
No fear, hatred anger
Just love
We connect ourselves again with our mother/ father

No more need of money, making careers, wanting more and more
This time, this moment.. our love is needed in this crazy world
Just be you
Be love

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