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Message Subject Popular architecture forum SKYSCRAPERCITY is used by Illuminati to send messages and hints
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The banner for Thursday, January 31 was the city of Athens, capital of Greece:

[link to xl.skyscrapercity.com]

Now, think with me: Greece has two neighbor countries that have a Muslim majority.

The countries are: Turkey and Albania.

Turkey starts with "T" and has a capital city that starts with "A" (Ankara)

Albania starts with "A" and has a capital city that starts with "T" (Tirana)

What was the Skyscrapercity banner for today, February 1st?

It was the city of Tirana, in Albania:

[link to xl.skyscrapercity.com]

Did something abnormal happened today in Albania today?


But something abnormal happened in the other Mulism neighbor of Greece:

A bomb exploded in the USA embassy in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.


Thread: BREAKING -- CNN Turk: Large explosion in front of U.S. Embassy in Ankara

The banner of Skyscrapercity is changed a little after the midnight.

That means the banner with Tirana was in place before the bomb exploded in Ankara.

Athens, Tirana, and then... BOOM... something explodes in Ankara...

Not a coincidence...
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