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Message Subject Does it feel like your life is going in the wrong direction???
Poster Handle DontBeAfraidEVER
Post Content
This movie is one of the best movies ive seen when it comes to describing the problems we have in our society. You have to look between the sentences. Ergo, dont teach your kids to fear, teach them to be strong!

If you dont, they will grow up to become this. In other words a typical normal person in todays society! Afraid of everything and anyone!

The illusion is right infront of you.

And 99% percent of you dont see it for what it is.

This very movement IS the illusion. And most of you who claim that you are awake, is actually sleeping.

We are, and always have been an unstoppable bullet. But that doesnt help if we aim in the wrong direction.

We have been winning for years, but we have failed to pick up our price.

We have ALL the info we need, and we've had it for a LONG time! But still we are here searching for more, and more, and more. When will it ever stop? What do we need all this info for?

To convince other people? Or to satisfy our own hunger of curiosity?

What is it that we are seeking?

Do YOU really know what YOU are seeking?


The undisputable fact IS that this has become some sort of ''hobby'' for most of us. We have become very passionate spectators of a very sick time in human history. We sit here and watch it happen like it was entertainment while wishing for better times, day in, day out.

We are waiting for a change, but we forget that we ARE the change. How can it change if we dont? Are we seriously waiting for the day when all the people of the world has watched enough youtube videos on the topic, for it to be safe for us to go out and state our opinions without being ridiculed?

Are we THAT afraid of being looked at as different/weird ?

And we call them sheep???

Release your fear and dont be afraid of what other people think of you. Be a trendsetter! Choose to be HAPPY! Its all inside you =)

You can convince ANYONE, if you truely give your heart to the task. You know this yourself, and i dont have to tell you this, because you already know it! Why do you deny it? Why do you take the easy path? Why are you scared? Why are you still here?

When will you start convincing your friends and family? When will you REALLY do it? Why havent you done this earlier? Have they been fooling you again?

Is this movement an everlasting journey put together by the elites?

Have you noticed how ''sloppy'' theyve started becoming and how info comes from all directions? Are they releasing some of it on purpose to keep us doing what we are doing? To keep us online for more so that we dont go out in the real life and convince the people we care about and love?

Have you ever heard of the policeman named Tom who investigated a serial killer for decades while hoarding clear evidence case after case?

I know i havent =)

Every day of this movement...

We divide ourselves from the people we call sheep more and more, and then we go out and call ourselves the enlightend ones. We find it harder and harder to live in the real world, because the more we know, the faker society and its sheeple gets.

It has to STOP!

This is NOT the time to become scholars.
This is NOT the time to understand the universe.
This is NOT the time to understand the reason of life.
This is NOT the time to find out the truth about holocaust.
This is NOT the time to reveal Kennedys killer.

This is the time to act and take responsibillity.

Be yourself, trust yourself and dont be afraid. Stand up for what you belive in everytime its possible. Never go hide! Speak up when you hear propaganda being spread, dont shut up. Act your beliefs, dont be a sheep!

Be the solution and not the problem!

Walk the walk when you talk the talk!
 Quoting: DontBeAfraidEVER
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