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Message Subject Does it feel like your life is going in the wrong direction???
Poster Handle eyeDR3
Post Content
Do you have a feeling of going in the wrong direction? Or maybe a feeling that you are missing an important piece of the puzzle?

Are you trying and trying, but it just doesnt seem to happen the way you want it? Or are you maybe living in what feels like an emotional rollercoaster?

Do you get confused about your belifes at times, or about the direction your walking in? Or are you maybe scared of the future?

Did this journey of yours start out of pure curiousity, which resulted in changing the world around you into utterly crazy? Has it after that been times where it has been hard for you to swallow truth in fear of becoming ''crazy'', a social outburst or a loner?

Have you felt like the more you learn, the harder it gets to live in this worlds current reality?. Like the more you know, the more the people around you start getting distant from you? Have they become almost irritating at times, and you feel like its slowly drawing you ''crazy''?

You want out, you want a new world now, right away, before this world becomes an total unlivable place full of idiots? You have been waiting and waiting, but nothing ever happens? You feel like you are going in circles? You have been wondering if it will ever happen at all? If you should just give in, and accept the reality you live in and move on?

If you can relate to this, then i will start by saying that i UNDERSTAND you :) And then i will tell you that you have NOTHING to worry about!

Because there is a way out! You already know this! But something is stopping you! Theres something there in the back of your mind that is keeping you in chains. You feel it, everyday, but you cant stop it! It has been there for the most of your adult life.

Its the one and only same thing that is between us and a new and better world. Its the biggest enemy of mankind. It has always been, but i will not tell you that it always will be.

But i will tell you what it is.

It is fear! And basically, all the problems you have in your life is in some way connected to fear. Whatever it is that is keeping you down, its based upon fear one way or another.

This in itself is not a big discovery. But have you for example ever thought about your fear and how stupid it really is?

Im sure that we can all agree that fear is bad thing. A thing everyone wants as little as possible of in their life. And im also sure that we can agree that fear is an abillity that can possibly change/run a persons life either totally, or gradly, and in almost all possible aspects of life. The variations of fear are enourmous, and its everywhere. It can be a small fear, and it can be a big fear. It can be few fears, and it can be many. We are all different, and we all fear different things, and we all react to them differently.

We can all agree that fear is right now a big part of this world.

But if we then go a step further and ask ourselves;

Has our fears ever helped us? Has it ever made us achive something good? Has it ever had any positive effects at all on our lives? Is it simply just a burden? Would it ever help me at all to sit here NOW and be afraid of something that MAYBE will happen at a later point? If not why do we do it?

How can you qonquer a fear and why is it important?

Most people dont know how to qonquer a fear. And most people dont ever realise how much limitations fear puts upon a human being. Thats why they never learned how to qonquer a fear. Because they havent looked upon it as a problem. They have seen it as one of the aspects of life, and not something they can solve.

They simply dont realise that they have been taught fear theyre entire life, for the reason of it becoming a natural part of life!

From you where very little you have learned that the world is though place, and that its hard. That only hard work will make you successful! That you have to do something with your life, quickly! Become something, now, straight away! Never stop up and think, go forward, always.

They learn you about all the bad things that can happen if you dont do this or that.

The ''fear'' of dying.
The ''fear'' of not getting a ''real'' job and education.
The ''fear'' of not getting married.
The ''fear'' of not having kids.
The ''fear'' of not getting acceptance from other.
The ''fear'' of not having enough money.
The ''fear'' of not being ''sucessfull''.
The ''fear'' of other peoples thoughts and opinions.

You are taught about the safe path through life. The very safest possible. And then you are taught about all the dangers stepping away from the ''normal'' path. They want you to feel guilty every time you are stepping outside this normal path. They want you to feel that you are wasting your time the moment you do it.

When it becomes a natural part of life you start to collect the fears as they come, and keep them stored somewhere in the back of your mind.


There is a way to remove fears, and its simple. The way to remove a fear is to acknowledge it and understand it. In a way you have to understand how silly it is. How it doesnt give you anything but limitations. You have to truely understand it, you have to see the pointlessness of it.

The important thing to remember is to be sincere. You will not qonquer anything if you dont truely belive in it. You have to find all the motives you can for why your fear is stupid, and then belive in it from the bottom of your heart. No pretending allowed at all.

Once you learn this, you will become better at it. The more fear you remove, the less limitations do you have. Just remember that ALL hate is fear, also racism. The snowball will eventually roll faster and faster down the hill while you are removing your limitations one by one. I can promise you this. The more fear you remove, the more of an open mind will you have. You will think thoughts youve never thought about before. Your life will give you a totally new meaning.

I will explain this as well, its because when you have ''unchained'' your mind of the limitations fear had on you, it will be much easier for you to follow your own path in life. You will follow your gut feeling, what you ALWAYS knew was right. You have no fears of not to do so anymore. You will start living YOUR life as you always wanted to live it. And stop living it like everyone else wanted you to live it.

The beauty of this is true passion. You are doing something that you REALLY love. Something that really interestes you and something you really care about. In another word, pure happiness.

When you do something out of pure happiness you are living in the moment. Its the only place you can, and ever will experience pure happiness. You will never get a stronger experience of happiness than in exact THIS moment. Just think about it. Think about smiling. Think about having a good time. I bet you are smiling already. Its very easy to program the mind to be happy. But it cant happen in the past or the future. Therefore as soon as you change thoughts the endorphines released to your brain stops flowing as fast.

In short, its important to have a fearless and clean mind if you want to experience the true happiness about life. Because only then can you manage to stay in this state, because your mind doesnt wander like crazy in this state of mind. You can only control your own mind 100% when its fearless. You can enter any part of the brain you want in this state.

Help the world by freeing yourself! You will be like lances and swords! You will experience true happiness and you will change the world around you.

Stop living in fear!!!


Much love


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