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Message Subject Does it feel like your life is going in the wrong direction???
Poster Handle wishitwantitdoit
Post Content
I just feel like I'm a hamster on a wheel, and I can't get off.

Five days a week, my days are predictable down to the minute. Bleh.

"before this world becomes an total unlivable place full of idiots"

 Quoting: Zuzu's Petals

First, you have to strip away your judgments of the situation you're in. You do that by questioning them and seeing how these judgments are only a reflection of you (in other words, you are that which you judge). It is true 100% of the time, but it takes a heckuva lot of courage to face it.

The thing is, once you start facing it, it becomes funny. Life becomes a game, through which you find yourself (and you'll find yourself in everything all the time, when you practice for a while).

It is my experience that one cannot effectively change their situation without changing the way they look at the situation. You've gotta love what you've got before you can love what you get, or else you'll stay in the same loop forever (even if the scenery changes).

The catch is, you can't love what you've got hoping for something different. You just have to love. Accept. Abide in grace and be okay whether it changes or not.

Start by observing your thoughts without attachment. Let go and notice how they flow and ebb, and sometimes they seem more real than other times, sometimes they're not so bad at all. And maybe a person has to experience this for themselves, but let me tell you, almost none of the thoughts that you have are true.

Only when you're asleep can you awake. And, lovely, there's nothing closer to being asleep than feeling like a hamster on a wheel with no variety in your life. You're soooo close. ;)
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