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Message Subject Does it feel like your life is going in the wrong direction???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know I am going to chime in and say that this is dandy, but some of us are in situations beyond our control. It is said that you cannot control anything except your reaction to something.

But I'd like to see someone have a positive cheerful reaction to going, say, to court where an ex is charging you with contempt on trumped up charges. Or you can't sell a home and start your simplified life because the economy is tanking. Or your employer has it hanging over you that despite your fine job performance your job might not be there in a few months due to seniority issues.

There are some real practicalities in life that just suck. Many of us are awake enough to want to simplify and streamline but are bogged down by the remaining fallout from failed relationships, economic armageddon, family obligations (caring for sick/older relatives).

It's not all about choice. Sometimes you have no choice. And don't tell me "well change how you feel or think about it." Because caring for a sick, elderly person sucks for everyone involved. You feel bad, they feel bad. You can say "oh, turn that frown upside down. You are helping someone. Blah blah blah." But it hurts seeing someone you love in demise day after day.

A few of us have the RIGHT to be upset about how the path of life is going. Honor us as we fight to change our situation by not telling us to buck up, but rather by saying "I feel for you, brother. I hope it gets better soon."
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