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Message Subject Does it feel like your life is going in the wrong direction???
Poster Handle DontBeAfraidEVER
Post Content
You can change yourself.. not only by positive thoughts and living without fear.. you need to balance, go within, your heart.. there is the seed of this universe of light.. feed it with love, your love and plant it. In this universe we experience duality in its deepest form, you need to find balance.. not only look for only positive or only negative, but balance this both. Balance is the key to life.
 Quoting: Ministar

Everyone will understand that, but to get there they have to remove fear =) I hope you havent forgotten this.

It was the day that you gave in to all your beliefs and fears from the old world that you got a new clarity to FURTHER understand what you write now =)

Dont you feel like the feeling of fear isnt the same now as it was before? You have qonquered the meaning of fear, and understood how it works, how it affects you, therefore you know how to act on it.

Also to understand the people who are struggeling, you have to think like them, not like yourself. What you now know isnt of such importance, its how you got there they need to know^^.

A spark is needed, not the fire!
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