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Gotta tell you a story

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/28/2013 02:03 PM
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Gotta tell you a story
My parents barely survived Stalin's forced Holodomir (Artificial famine that US fell for....they confiscated all villagers food to feed the army and MILLIONS of people died of starvation-it was all fake). My dad tells me about eating grass and tree roots beneath the snow to survive).

When my mom was 13 years old, by then the Nazi occupation, and she had to do slave labor in a German farmers (because nazi took the men for hitlers wars). Both parents ended up in nazi concentration camps. Thank God Americans came and liberated them.

Now years later, I married an American of German descent. They were so ashamed of their descent they changed their name. As it turns out, the mother said don't tell we are Germans. BUT it really turns out that it was this Mothers husband (my husbands father) who actually liberated my parents from that concentration camp.

HERE IS WHAT REALLY HURTS.....thank God my dad passed away, but my mom still lives. And she has to go through all this AGAIN now, in her advanced years. But my mom taught me well. I constantly hear her words "honey, you will never go hungry, because I taught you 100s of foods you can make with a little bit of flour....if you have a potato....if you have an onion...if you have grass...a mushroom..a tree bark...."

As a matter of fact I need to go because I have some flour, one egg and some frozen berries and leaves.....and will make nalesnyky for my family.