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Message Subject Reincarnation in the Bible
Poster Handle 4Q529
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It's important to ascertain that the belief is repeated earthly lives is in no way in conflict with central Christian motives. Its more likely that the teaching of reincarnation strengthens the Christian message, making it more complete, more genuine and more credible.
 Quoting: Amilius

It does not appear that you understand the basics of Christian theology:

Christians believe in a metaphysical 'heaven' and 'hell'.

With the Doctrine of "resurrection"/'rebirth', there is no need for such metaphysical concepts.

Christians believe that Jesus "died for their sins" so they can "go to heaven" when they die.

But the reason for the crucifixion was not any "vicarious atonement"; but because Jesus taught a Doctrine of "resurrection"/'rebirth'; and for which memories of previous lives they accused him of being "possessed by demons".

There is NO greater conflict in the world than the conflict between the Teaching of Jesus and Christian theology originating in Paul, the Pharisee.

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