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Message Subject Reincarnation in the Bible
Poster Handle Amilius
Post Content
yea. i heard somewhere that reicarnation was removed from a lot of old text.. because the kings back then.. could not stand to believe that they might come back as a peasent when their luxurious life would end. or something like that, am i right?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33209144

Yeah EXACTLY. Where did you get that?
 Quoting: Amilius

It almost seems as if the resistance to the Truth about the Doctrine of "resurrection" as a Doctrine of 'rebirth' varies directly with how evil a person is.

An evil person would be particularly resistant to the possibility that he or she will live a live in which they will be punished for their evil; whereas a good person who has suffered severely during lifetime would be more likely to believe in the possibility that they will live another life in which they will be rewarded for being good.

In other words, the doctrine of "vicarious atonement" is particular seductive to evil people rather than those who have not committed evil.

 Quoting: 4Q529

Yeah an evil person would not wish to believe they will be punished in an another lifetime while a good person who has suffered will be rewarded. But after learning much and exhausting much negative karma one can once again start anew with a clean slate, no karma. The good and the bad thing about karma is that it is always impermanent. We can't experience good forever, unless we keep doing good, but we won't suffer for our evil forever either. The purpose here is to not reincarnate into a better life but to stop reincarnation indefinitely. Once you achieve enlightenment, you won't need to reincarnate and live in the afterlife in endless bliss.
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