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Message Subject Reincarnation in the Bible
Poster Handle 4Q529
Post Content
Your reasoning is sophmoric and tedious, Michael. You argue through layers of third-party "doctrines" instead of speaking plainly, declaring your affiliations and owning your own opinions. You display a coward's "logic," based on the methods of sleightof hand instead of intellectual honesty.

Is God infinite? Then how can anything exist that is not God? Such a thing would exist separately from God, and therefore be something that God is not, and that did not need God to exist. Therefore nothng exists apart from God.

If nothing exists apart from God, then everything is a part of God - including us. Which means we can't die, because we're made out of God, and God can't die. Thus, reincarnation, as we take bodies over and over again to purify ourselves by discerning our attachments to impermanent things, and learning to choose God instead. Thus we proceed to "wake up" to our Original Identity as God. There is no changingof the imperfect to the perfect, because there was never anything that was imperfect - there was only a dream, a deliberate misunderstanding, a deliberate forgetting, by God, in order to inhabit Himself as creation by His self as every living thing - including us.

And as for where this happens, look up at the sky tonight. There is more than one planet where earhtlike conditins exist, and where human-type beings live, able to receive the souls, the energy bodies, of God in His various states of awakened consciousness.

Your mind is small and constricted, Michael. Which is fine, in and of itself, for we are all restricted in one way or another until we finally realize and re-experience ourselves as God. But to spread your ignorance as fact is dangerous to your soul development, for it reinforces your own limited understandings, and leads others astray. And the karma for harming other's understanding, is - obviously - the loss of your own, possibly for many, many lifetimes.

Learn humility, Michael. And be careful - God is not mocked.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33028811

Your conclusions and reasonings are the conclusions of a consciousness of the 'thinker'; that is, the 'fallen' dualistic consciousness that considers itself 'God' because it has 'thought' itself into existence. (See Chapter 14:13 of the Book of Isaiah)

This is referred to in Chapter 13:11 of the Revelation of John and Sura 27:82 of the Quran as the "beast of the earth".

The reason that you use the 'thinker' to speculate about such things is that you have no Memory of the Creation, nor of 'the Fall'. Had you received such a Memory, you would understand that the consciousness of the 'thinker' had not yet existed at the Moment of Creation; and, thus, could not comment on the Creation any more than a person who arrived at the scene of a murder could be a witness to the murdered if he arrived 2 hours after the murder had been committed.


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