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Message Subject Reincarnation in the Bible
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
This is the ultimate reincarnation. It is the perfection reincarnation. Every reincarnation has resulted in less freewill, and now there is none. Why? Because he loves you and wants you to graduate through to the next heaven dimension. You are like a company where he is the 70% shareholder. He has not been too happy with your performance and because the transition time is close, he has taken control. Look at all the messages on the radio, TV, books, internet, songs, poems. They are there for these times for the awakening. There are no bad people, and you will find that out. It is like a play and sometimes even the baddies get oscars!
Find yourself and you will find the universe and him and then you can go back and help others. Many will 'seemingly' die but they are only experience fragments of your soul and their spirits, your spirits, are only returning to you for this time. Physical death for those is a relief so do not feel sad. be happy because you will be meeting up again with parts of you that you had forgotten.
We all started as Alien Gods and by going through the experience/evolution curve we have become super GODs with only the CREATOR above us. Just because others are in higher dimensions does it mean they have better souls than you. You are only a physical construct for water and please marvel at the intelligence of that, that can change with every sound frequency and read and feel the word love in any language.
In this 3d (un)reality show we have been locked in by the law of physics of action and reaction are equal and opposite but you know that when you give love you get a lot more in return, the Fibonacci spiral. Looks for the clues in adversity in order to find yourself. Everything is a reflection of you, your thoughts are your future reality. Fly away with others into the heavenly 4th dimension by just reacting to adversity with love and then enjoy finding the answers to the clues that you have been given. It is great fun.
The game has already been fought, it has been won. Relax and watch how it unfolds, it is a pure masterpiece, and the perceived baddies deserve the oscars. And they should be given with absolute love.
'Don't worry, be happy'
Listen to the words!
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