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Message Subject Reincarnation in the Bible
Poster Handle Veresanctus
Post Content

Just give me ONE... just because someone made up the billions of years date does not make it scientific proof. Radio metric dating is very unreliable especially past a couple thousand years. Also the geologic column is simply made up, completely.
 Quoting: Veresanctus

I can't believe the extend of these Christian Bibletards of their willful ignorance. Earth is 4.54 billion years old! That's a scientific FACT!
 Quoting: Amilius

Okay so it appears that you have a Mantra and a belief, "Earth is 4.54 billion years old! That's a scientific FACT!" you say, so why don't you provide some PROOF for your statement?

AGAIN, just saying it's a fact does NOT make it so.
 Quoting: Veresanctus

Because the scientists say so. If they say they have proven it then it is so. They work really hard and find a lot of evidence before they call something proven. Its ridiculous to deny science.
 Quoting: Amilius

You mean Authority figures? I am not denying SCIENCE I am denying your fictitious claim of science when it's not.

Your faith in the "scientists" will be your downfall because after all they are just men and men fall.

Hundreds of years ago the "Scientists" said it's a scientific fact that the earth is flat but they were proven wrong by those who sailed around the world and proved it was round.
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