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Message Subject Reincarnation in the Bible
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Im surprised nobody on this thread mentions the resurrection of Lazarus .
I think that there was reincarnation but Jesus broke the karmic wheel through his sacrifice. I think the story of st Catherine is interesting-- breaking the wheel symbolically means that you "escape" your karma through enlightenment. Self sacrifice is evidence that a person has achieved "enlightenment". This is the same belief in eastern religions, I think.

Also resurrection is different than reincarnation. Lazarus was a sort of "pre figuration " which showed the power of God over the process of life and death.

Jesus own resurrection shows us what the difference is. There is also the "transfiguration" as an example.

It's interesting that Jesus appeared and disappeared at will after his resurrection. He also ate a piece of fish and Thomas stuck his hands in his wounds.

Also, remember that Elijah never died, he was assumed into heaven, so that is a little different than somebody who dies and comes back. Nobody brought that up yet in this thread either.

Some people interested in this topic might be interested in the
" rainbow body" apparently some very enlightened people are experiencing this phenomenon. You can google it if you are interested.

My personal thoughts on this subject from what I understand about it so far is that there was reincarnation but Jesus sacrifice ended the karmic cycle. I think that you create your own reality. Your acts in this life are "stored up" in heaven ... Jesus says he goes to prepare a place for us. If we are good and kind and perform the acts of mercy ( the beatitudes) in this life, we receive our reward in heaven for these acts.

There is also the concept of the new heaven and the new earth where after the final judgement is the resurrection of the body ( which I think is perfected - like the rainbow body maybe)

I don't think we can fully know or understand exactly what will happen and I don't think there is anything wrong with questioning or wondering or thinking one thing or another. I really don't think God who is love will hold that against anyone. The important thing is to treat each other with love and kindness.
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