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The bitch of holland 33 step off (bea bilderberger)

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01/28/2013 09:58 PM
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The bitch of holland 33 step off (bea bilderberger)
33 years of power, it's going a way.

"Beatrix resigns'
Monday, January 28, 2013 5:18 p.m. posted in:

Beatrix resignsMonday at 19:00 Queen Beatrix holds a speech broadcast on radio and television.

Sources close to the royal house of ANP news agency confirmed that the Queen had abdicated occasion.

The speech is after the broadcast can be seen on the website Koninklijkhuis.nl and YouTube.com / royal house. Next Thursday is Queen Beatrix 75 years.

The RVD late in a brief statement to know:

Tonight at 19.00 is a speech by Her Majesty the Queen broadcast on radio and television. About the content of the speech earlier today was recorded at Huis ten Bosch until after the time of transmission not disclosed.

Beatrix was on 30 April 1980 in the 15th-century New Church crowned Queen of the Netherlands. There was already cleared time speculated about the time of abdication.

[link to www.telegraaf.nl]
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