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Message Subject A magician pulls a real 3 foot bread stick out of his hand!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When I was in vegas with some buds we were at Dre's after hours and I guess they hired this magician to entertain guests... anyways, the guy comes up to our group and we're all standing there having a smoke, he asks for a smoke but doesn't take it from me, he asks me to just hold my hand out flat and put the smoke on it.

So here I am, standing there surrounded by friends and this magician, with MY cigarette sitting in the middle of my open palm extended out infront of me in the center of 6-7 guys.... and suddenly the smoke lifts off my hand, does a corkscrewing vertical lift and flies RIGHT INTO THE MAGICIANS MOUTH! I couldn't fking believe it...

One of my friends who was with me ended up getting verrrry seriously into magic after that happened, and although he learned some extremely good tricks that would awe massive street crowds he never could figure out how the trick was done with the smoke.
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