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Message Subject A magician pulls a real 3 foot bread stick out of his hand!
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content

white magic isn't possible either... why couldn't it be white magic?
 Quoting: Rowsdower

I was joking about him doing black magic it's just a great illusion.

Black magic white magic same thing. You are still contacting demons/fallen angels.
 Quoting: Rawrss

Not true.

You don't know shit about Magik.

Magik is real, don't be fooled by small card tricks and Chriss Angel illusions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33255216

I know magic is real, but you aren't doing shit it's the demon doing it for you.
 Quoting: Rawrss

excelent! spread the lies! It just making demons more powerful in the subconcious of men!

the goal is disempowerement!

reality is Counciousness. nothing more! The more aware you are, the stronger you are! Demons are aware and are using this at their advantage! Only for us to realise the deception and Grow up spiritualy.

Meanwhile they are enjoying their powertrip and are even fighting each another because some demons have more heart then some humans.
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