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Poster Handle Neim-Ya'shar
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Matt. 10:28

And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; but rather be afraid of Him who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna.

Neim-ya shar

Be very careful with your attitude. You are right about what you see. Remember that the Sabbath was made for man and not the Sabbath. I myself love the Sabbath every day.

Be careful that the laws become your god. It ensnares. The Laws are now within our hearts in our spirit. Only through the faith in THE Messiah of Jeshua can this law become flesh and dwell within the soul of a person. It is sealed with the Holy Spirit not by acts on the outside where pride manifests. The AntiChrist will use all kinds of laws of supposed "goodness" that is why he will declare himself god.

Remember Jonah. He hated his enemies and loved to speak of the wrath of God (Jehovah). He did not want to speak of Jehovahs' love and forgiveness. He didn't want to go to the people and speak of the goodness of Jehovah. If you read...you will see that even Jonah had to admit Jehovah's love for the enemies of Heaven.

So as a gentle kind prompting. Please release fears even though they are truths and free the people with the scriptures as well,

Do not become an instument of fear but of love and yes, Jehovah's true ways.

Look for the second covenant spoken by the Prophets. They will all lead to the truth of taking the laws and putting into man's hearts so they will be natural to them in love and a willing spirit, not by rules that make the flesh move against Jehovah.

We have both since the fall and we must face this fact of ourselves. In the final payment for our sins (wrongness with Jehovah) we are released to move into 2nd Covenant. Jehovah is not limited nor does He stay still. He is eternal and His Charector remains the same. He will prove His justice as set since the beginning but He always came back from what seems like a progress from the fallen ones. Make know doubt Jehovah sees and so does His ONLY Son, Jeshua who is with Him in heavely places. The price has been paid 2000 years ago. It's us to us, individually to choose that plan and believe and change to follow the Kingdom laws. It's inside not on paper.

Yes, the false 666 is working. Yes man thinks he can duplicate a god but man is also being decieved by the spiritual fallen angels. Who else imprints the technologies to due harm. Remember Jehovah gives the rain on the good and the bad. We are made in His image and we were made for a relationship with HIM before Satan took it away with our willing inocense and learned what it meant to be dissobediant. In ever case Jehovah has counteracted in His loving powerful way.

This will all end when the true lier, the Father of Lies exposes himself to the world. Than the Son of God will be sent by Jehovah to put an end to all this blasphemy and pride. It will be finished over for the fallen angels as well as those that love lies. It will be good.

Thank you for loving God's words. Now love God's creatures. They are His image, not the beasts. They are just as vulnerable as you.

the Body, the flesh Jehovah gave us is precious and wonderfully made. It encases the beautiful spirit we have. All of them, Jehovah wants. Why do you think the Messiah cried for them all. They dont see or understand. help them. Help them all. We are all the same and Jehovah plays no favorites with His kids, but He will chastise us to bring us back to Himself.

Remember what is in us is more precious than what we are encased in. Do not worship the false gods. Do not reject Jehovah's plans and you will be safe. I'm not talking flesh and body safe. The Son of God let go of His own powers to show us how to do this. He pitied us and loved us and yet was obedient and took anothing from the fallen angels or satan to soften His own death. Therefore He proved His faithfulness, His love for His creator, Father, Abba. He was sinless.

Today there will be many tries to duplicate this event but it will be false. God is in controll and He is merciful.

Love and Blessings to all. May the Lord Jehovah and His only Son Jeshua of Nazareth show you all truth. May your human flesh be calmed and quiet so you can see the truth. Love will reign once again in truth. Not now, but it will. HOPE is Truth!

The WORD did come and dwell with us and we did saw the glory of the Father. We saw How He loves and thinks. We saw His justice and HE is holding His wrath for us, His humanity. Listen Look and watch.

Thank you neim - Ya Shar for doing this.
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you are welcome mommy dear
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