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Message Subject The Dark Knight Rises - Super Bowl 47 and sinkholes - Best video so far.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Check out this on [link to www.angelfire.com]


Shortly before embarking on the Winter Dance Party Tour, both Buddy Holly and his new wife, Maria Elena, were simultaneously disturbed by violent and eerily prophetic dreams. Maria Elena had dreamt of a fireball descending to earth in the middle of a field, followed by an explosion that left a great gaping hole in the ground. When she woke up Holly, he related that he had also just had a strange dream. He dreamt that he, his wife, and his brother were in a plane. His brother persuaded Holly to leave Maria Elena on top of a building, with the intention of returning for her. Reportedly, Holly was wracked with guilt for having left her behind in the dream. Maria Elena was supposed to accompany her husband on the Winter Dance Party tour. He had convinced her to stay behind, because of her morning sickness.
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