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Message Subject French and British in Mali to seize their gold. Mali is the 3rd largest producer of gold in Africa.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Open your eyes OP. Africa's biggest problem right now is that it is underdeveloped yet rich in natural resources. Meaning there is huge potential for wealth in the developed nations to come in to local governments, sell them the idea they need to develop, and the means to do so is "credit" from the banks.

These corporations like Goldman Sachs will then "securitize" their natural resources using those resources as collateral to then write trillions of loans, which when converted into derivatives could amount to hundreds of trillions.

The catalyst for this is a declining debt potential in western countries. Nations, corporations and individuals are swamped with debt. The debt mongers (banksters) need some kind of demand for their toxic debt to keep the music playing a while longer. Africa is that artificial demand to keep their ponzi scams going.

Its already happening, here is a quick article you can educate yourself with:

...according to some estimates the continent, Africa can create between $5 and $10 trillion in secured debt, using its extensive untapped resources as first-lien collateral.

[link to www.zerohedge.com]
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