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Message Subject Greek finance minister warns against Britain leaving Europe
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
From what I understand of the Welsh issue, the argument being made is that they (as in the Welsh) receive more out of the EU then they (the Welsh) put in.. therefore it is seen as stupid for them to leave.

As for the Greek minister, he is simply reinforcing the threats already made..

However I think this p*ssing contest is more about how they get Britain out than threats to keep Britain in.. the Europeans and indeed the Americans seem intent on making threats which they know will result in a bit of reverse psychology at the polls.. while the other hand the British Government is pushing the buttons that'd mean we get thrown out rather than be given a vote to leave..

A pretty complicated game being played overall to deal with the major issue that if UK splits and the independent parts of the UK join/leave the RU then that paves the way for other areas of Europe to take the same route..

Indeed given how Europe is structured, any old Kingdom/Dutchy/Principality going back the last 2 millennia could in theory be able to declare itself independent of it's nation and join/leave the EU..

Also given the fact that the if the UK was given a vote to leave/stay in the EU it would also pave the way for other nations of the EU to do the same.

Keeping the UK in the EU will cause the EU to lose control.. Think of it this way, the UK is devolving back from Central government at the same time as the EU is pushing for more central government..

Simply put the peoples of the continent and the peoples of these Isles are going in opposite directions (not sure about the Irish.. I can't help but feel they are in between a rock and a hard place.. I imagine having a non EU country between them and their trade with the continent will cause a lot of companies to leave Ireland and indeed cause the Irish a whole heap of issues)

So it is better for all (aside from the Irish) if Britain is seen as unreasonable and is thrown out, that is if they can not woo us back, but given the fact they are making no effort to woo us, and indeed are only ever resorting to threats I suspect that we are actually on the path to being thrown out.
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