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Message Subject Tennessee proposes welfare reform?
Poster Handle Dried Up Hag
Post Content
Years ago, there was a program called "Futures" in my state. It required that a person on welfare to be placed in a skills assessment program and - if neccessary, schooling or other professional training. The whole time the person's benefits would remain intact.

Then - when training was finished, the state would provide assistance with job placement, getting clothes and uniforms for work and interviews, provide resume assistance and interview training.

Once placed in a job, the state kept the person's benefits, (ie, medical, foodstamps, etc.), in place and provided child care as well for up to two years or until the person was able to get the medical benefits through their job, and pay for daycare on their own, etc....

I thought that was a terrific program and should have helped so many people get back on their feet.....where did that program go?
 Quoting: Dried Up Hag

That is a great sounding program, except you cannot help those that will not help themselves...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19384943

Well - I know you are right. But at the time, it was mandatory.....and enforced by the threat of having your benefits taken away.....

I don't even know if it's still around anymore...this was almost 20 years ago....
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