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Message Subject Tennessee proposes welfare reform?
Poster Handle MuslimAmerican
Post Content
I know we need some reform in Ga, my medicaid was just denied yesterday and I worked all my life, paid my taxes all my life until disability, I'm 28 now on food-stamps, disabled, my condition/illnesses are medically irreparable and non-contagious, I'm unemployed both because of disabilities and the medications I am forced to take to control pain and convulsions, I even have hospital and Dr's backing on this but I have to file appeal and go through all these time consuming processes SICK. Yet some 17 year-old cartel member can go in and come out with full coverage for next time him and his homes shoot each other up in another cross border dope raid because that's just life in the drug cartel ya know, lets not even mention the fact h's no even a citizen of America. Yet I can't get coverage, psh.
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