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Message Subject Tennessee proposes welfare reform?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Did it work?

It did for me and my family.....I knew I could not make much more than minimum wage....had a little one and a husband who couldn't work. They were willing to pay for me to get an associates degree, but I needed something that would get me off of welfare quicker, so they fast-tracked me in a business college and I got an accounting diploma after 9 months......got my first job before I even completed the program.....was completely off of welfare by the end of the first year of my full-time job....

It was a God-send.

Oh - and, by the way....by the end of the second year, I was a homeowner, had a nice car and was putting my child through private school.....so - yeah....for me, the program was a blessing!!!!

WooHoo, Madame! This is one of the most positive posts *\0/*

I personally knew several women who participated in the "Alexandria Works" welfare-to-work program in Alexandria, Va. They ALL said how it was the first time they felt good about themselves. Felt a sense of accomplishment in not being on welfare.

If memory serves me correctly, there were factions who lobbied that the w2w program was discriminatory toward the women on welfare...forcing them to work for their assistance. A modern form of slavery. Sad they lobbied successfully and the program was phased out.

No one wants to live in a powerless dependent state. Watch out for those whose actions assist in powerlessness and dependency. Personal power as above overcomes; you don't need anyone or anything else. Tony Robbins made a career out of speaking on the same subject.
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