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Message Subject Tennessee proposes welfare reform?
Poster Handle *HAARP Lady*
Post Content
My God welfare really?I say if you can live on welfare more power to ya.You do realize welfare helps people who are dying handicapped and live with other dysfunctions.Why are you people so brain dead to believe recycled and taxed again money hinders you or the economy in any way.Any money the people can get back from big corporate Government is a good thing.You guys got your butts handed to you on and after 9-11 and its still going on and your worried about about homeless or near homeless family that may or may not have smoked pot?How about returning all the stolen money from social security that workers invested in first.Dear God my plate is full could you please make sure everyone else has their plate smashed.
 Quoting: TheMacaroni

Personally, I am not worried about a homeless family that smokes pot. What bothers me are families that spend their welfare dollars on buying pot, meth, crack, alcohol etc instead of sheltering or feeding their children.
 Quoting: littlemiracles

I personally AM worried about the homeless family that smokes pot! Because what are those kids going to do? They will "ape" their parents - and then THEY will become the "homeless" statistic - very rarely does a child raised in this type of environment break out of the "norm."

For the person above you... You know, that really ticks me off! One because I have a small business that makes about $50,000.00 a year (which goes right back into employment as I'm the sole employee) and guess what my taxes are? 30%!!! Just my business - my personal taxes at 15% - so 45% of what I earn goes back to "Big Daddy Government" only to be dispersed to many people who CAN work but want to LIVE off the gov't! I have medical problems, but I still work - I have physical challenges, but I still work! It all boils down to "we do what we want to do" and about 40 to 50% of those on welfare shouldn't be there! Believe me, 25 years ago I had to go on food stamps to have food in my house - but that was until I found a job - i don't care if you work at McDonalds - at least you have a job and can have some self - respect! So you are dang straight that I get upset when I hear about welfare people on drugs!

And you know what? Those who have Big Businesses and make a lot of money? They started out small and worked their way up (Like Walgreens or Walmart) Don't dis someone and want the gov't to take more from them because they had a dream and fulfilled it! That's idiotic!

Okay I'm done.

~ Haarpy

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