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Message Subject Tennessee proposes welfare reform?
Poster Handle Dried Up Hag
Post Content
Dried up Hag, you are one of the very rare people who NEEDED the assistance as it was designed. Welfare was originally designed & implemented for short-term mediation. To assist people during a "crisis".

When my children were very young, I needed help, too. LOL, minimum wage was somewhere around $1.80/hour and my husband was making $2.00/hour. (This was during the oil embargo & prices of everything sky rocketed.) We received WIC which really helped. Then I switched to SHARE which was a NGO co-op. Felt so relieved being able to "work" and be a contributing member of the co-op.

Nowadays it seems as if many welfare recipients consider it their "work" and their "paycheck". And their children are approaching it the same way.

Wish there really was a way to "break the chains" and "liberate their minds". Maybe tieing long-term recipients families to school productivity is an alternative.
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BTW, sTTsTTT....what is a NGO co-op?
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