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underdeveloped epiglodis

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User ID: 30907980
United States
01/29/2013 11:07 AM
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underdeveloped epiglodis
Does anyone know anything about that?

What causes it to be undeveloped?

Thankyou for any input.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35005269
United States
02/23/2013 10:42 AM
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Re: underdeveloped epiglodis
Symptoms of Kosztolanyi syndromeThe list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Kosztolanyi syndrome includes the 26 symptoms listed below:

Long thin fingers
Severe developmental failure
Bulging eyes
Short nose
Upturned nose
Underdeveloped midface
Small jaw
Underdeveloped epiglottis
Severe feeding problems
Apneic episodes
Flat cheek bones
Increased skin elasticity
Hyperextensible joints
Large fontanelle
Wide-set eyes
Long foot
Long toes
Large ear
Mental retardation
Umbilical hernia
Respiratory distress
Weak eye muscles
Poor skull ossification
Sunken chest
Palate abnormalities