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Message Subject Risk of Female Masterbation According to Islam
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This guy in the below quote I think quoted very well:

Stealing ruins families.
Greed (money) kills starving children,
Greed (power) destroys nations.
Lust kills others' partners and random innocents, breaks hearts.

Gluttony kills self, starves others. Drunkenness kills self and others. Foolishness also kills.

Rage, and envy kill many. Sin causes death and destroys lives.

Everybody has sinned once or more times, which is why we're fucked now. Sin is destroying the world.

Woe to those blindly living sinfully.
Try to give and share your wealth.
Be kind to others, EVEN YOUR ENEMIES, forgive them.

Seek Jesus now, for he is a just God, and likely to welcome you into Heaven once you accept Him and follow His direction.

If you do not believe in God then I feel bad, and I am not the type of Christian who condemns others to hell when they reject the good news. Only God has control of your soul, so just treat Him and others how you wish to be treated, putting God first is the first step in having a happy life, and afterlife.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25234912

So, if we would have been living in a world were we are going to judge according with "old times values" like virtue, sincerity, modesty, then you could very well understand what this religious teacher says.

But, if we are judging with the current "values" (or lack thereof) then most of your comments have sense.

So, because they are trying to preserve the old teaching of GOD, regardless is of Hebrew, or Christian or Muslim, they are still trying to respect the principles of GOD, while we were forgotten it, or something, so, because of that they have to protect the virtue of their women.

You know, in our societies, because there is no respect for marriage, for virtue until you get married, etc, lots of babies born and thrown to the streets without a proper care from their parents or family. Or, the muslims they do not want to reach to this point and try to control the behaving of their people. Could you judge them and say them are crazy and stuff? Ok, they could be such only in your narrow perspective.

You know how many problems come on this Earth because of how the women are treated? Or how women are forced to behave? In the moment that you are breaking the LAW OF GOD and his Architecture of Universe is how HE imagined and constructed the world, in that moment the destruction comes and all hell break loose.

Tose who have ears to hear, those who have eyes to see and those who have brains to use it. The other just they can rant distinguishably.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32826048

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