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Message Subject Risk of Female Masterbation According to Islam
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So, because they are trying to preserve the old teaching of GOD,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32826048


God did not write the Quran.
Some of it was written by a
criminal pedophile warlord
murderer. and the rest was
translated by the Roman Church.
There is a distinct reason why
the Quran was not finished until
20 yrs after Muhammad had died
from Jewish poisoning.

books of the holy bible were done
the very same way. The last book
written book of the New Testament
was written in 140 CE. That was
over a hundred yrs after Jesus
had died.

and Abraham whose real name was Ibrahim
was a convicted horse thief in Mesopotamia
who escaped execution and moved to Canaan.
He was the one who concocted this whole
Chosen people of god bullshit. It was the
only way he could figure out how to get
out of being sent back to Mesopotamia
to be executed.

Canaanites already worshiped El and Asharah
gods in Canaan prior to Ibrahim's arrival.
Ibrahim changed their god's name to YHWH
or as translated to Yahwah.

so all 3 major religions are total
bullshit from it's origins and all
based on lies and served as scapegoats
for their dirty deeds.
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