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Message Subject dont meditate!!
Poster Handle Deej
Post Content
You wanna share concrete results? Or this is just a spam commercial?
 Quoting: tommar

ha ha ha!

I can't give you what you probably consider "concrete" results, because I'm relatively sure we don't consider the same things concrete... and if you scoff at that, go ahead, you're entitled.

However, I have never met anyone who has not claimed beneficial results from meditation. I repeat... NO ONE!

To recant my personal experiences would be useless and I don't feel any desire to convince you. I only wanted to echo the sentiments of the OP, not create debate with anyone.

My only suggestion is:

Try it... and if you don't appreciate the results, don't do it again. However, if you want results... do it again... and then again.

My experience is peace. Limited at first, but now everlasting and I know who I am. Your experience may be different, but rest assured, like playing the lottery; you can't win if you don't play and if you don't win the first time...

You may say - you don't have peace! you don't know who you are!

I say - Okay. :)
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