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Message Subject dont meditate!!
Poster Handle Deej
Post Content
Nice! chuckle and bump!

I've been practicing meditation for over 20 years now and finished a ten day and a two week silent meditation.

 Quoting: Deej


Did you do this at home, or go somewhere?

Any experiences you can share?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32899686

I attended a Vipassanna retreat center in IL.

They are all over the world and I would highly recommend them.

The experience is wonderful and the knowledge gained is staggering. Just Google Vipassanna meditation and find the center near you.

They operate on a "Donation Only" basis; so everybody can afford it! You just have to apply and commit.

Here's a link - [link to www.dhamma.org]
 Quoting: Deej

Hey there Deej!
I was at the Illinois center this past November, and I too recommend attending. I had so many positive experiences there between all the meditation, the "changes",nature walks, the excellent food and the trippy dreams.

I guess I would just add that while the center does teach Vipassana, it isn't the only way to learn it, and their methods are a bit different than others (only sitting meditation vs sitting+walking+laying+standing) You can find info about other methods here: [link to www.vipassanadhura.com]

 Quoting: KindaDistorted

Hey KD,

Thank you for putting that link out there and that is good info for anybody interested in meditation.

The style of meditation I use is contingent on my mood, surroundings and situation. If I'm agitated or in nature or some type of situation conducive, I prefer walking meditation. All things being normal though, I feel distracted by anything but simply watching my breath.

This can be difficult to beginning meditators though. If your having trouble calming your mind, (most of us do!) guided meditations may work best. The thing do remember is:

THERE IS NO WRONG WAY ... (just do it)

They call it your "Meditation Practice" for a reason. After over 20 years, I don't, have it... I'm better at it!
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