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Message Subject China Just Threatened a Currency War If the Fed Doesn’t Stop Printing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the very fact that the fed reserve prints american money is unconstitutional. look up thomas jefferson's quotes in regards to private central banks. everything he stated came true (banks would take citizen's homes, throw them in debt, etc)

If the fed reserve stopped printing worthless paper $ then it will be a good thing for both China and America.

Money is supposed to be notes representing gold and silver that you can redeem at any time. Now it's worth no more than the toilet paper I wipe my ass with

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23414035

Yep, wipe your ass with one dollar FRN's. The dollar has lost 96% of it's purchasing power since the Federal Reserve Act was authorized by CONgress in 1913.

They have really done a number on us.
 Quoting: Nikola Tesla

Do you think Inflation is just always a bad thing?

The US dollar has experienced inflation, but most of it is by design. And to be clear, some of America's more prosperous years happened while the currency was inflating.
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