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Message Subject I have this anger deep inside of me
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP I can relate. I went thru something like this. It really comes down to loving yourself. It goes deeper than most may think. I used to be fed up emotionally with all the nonsense out in the world, but i have come to understand that's the matrix/the game that I/we chose to come into. Detach from all that does not serve you. Is it beneficial or detrimental? Ask yourself these questions as you go thru your day. That will help you find what you really want and what doesn't work for you. By seeing what you don't like it allows you to see what you would like. Master your mind and emotions. Dive into your past conditioning, habits, and belief systems. Do a "defrag" on your brain. Eating vegan most definitely helps with clarity and gets rid of the impulsitivity and all the toxins stored up from all the bad food, meats, dairy, and other things with 50+ INgredients..

The key is to OVERstand this reality. Love yourself which allows you to do so, and be at peace and content with living. Look at the animals and the birds, they aren't fed up with mcdonalds and materials.. they just BE, and are content with simply LIVING and BEING. Look at all the good things you have RIGHT NOW at this given moment, your unique personality and looks, your preferences and hobbies. Will you rise up and wise up or fall to be a servant of these lowly energies? I used to get pissed too, still can of course, but don't take it too seriously either. Your floating on a planet, its just one short scene of your whole soul's life where you and 7 billion others signed up to be on Planet Earth at the time, to experience and learn. Our ego always wants to be distracted, its the child, and is always reaching and looking externally for DISTRACTIONS. The inner world creates the outer world. Everything is subjective and up to perception. Love yourself, and no its not narcissistic, it's only so when one is in a low state of awareness/common sense.
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