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Message Subject I have this anger deep inside of me
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sounds like another soldier, who has realized the betrayal.

I know that feeling so well, and was paralyzed from trying to understand the molding of my childhood to seeing first hand the truth.

I have spent years of my life, not sure if wasted but deffinatly phisically stagnant, trying to find peace in my heart.

Family members who believe the news, and the words of authority that braught me to my knees, have shunned me for expressing thoughts they think are Anti-American. I served my country, And have the right to my thought to seek truth.

Yet, we must do it alone. I found God, and realized he blesses me everyday. How to live with it as a functionality is where I am now. I dont know how to, because this society punishes you for it. If you do not revel in the greed and desire for ego superiority, you are considered a broken, mentally ill person. Drives me insane just for that reason and nothing else.

I grow older, and hopefully wiser. someday I will be able to live in my own skin, and not feel ashamed of it.

Best of luck on your quest. It is hard, but nessicery for your soul. And remember you are not alone in this mind set, but in the journey.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25196431

thanks so much for sharing, i totally feel you.

just yesterday i was forced to go to a psychiatrist for expressing my views on god...
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