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Subject Universal Sphere Vortex Theory
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wanted to share these images. To me, they are absolutely beautiful. Some of them have a small caption. There are many more at the website where I found them.

[link to kelemengabi.picturepush.com]


Computational algorithm and the polygonal diagram pentagon-spheres, Levo-Dextrogyre and the dual tangent lattice module female-male with coordination of order 5.


Symbolic and cultural algorithm and the anatomical diagram that explains the hierarchical relationship: sphere-Sun-eye-cone-spiral-outer/inner ear-iris-torus.


Natural physical algorithm, hexagonal standing wave type Flower of Life and polygonal diagram, successive stages.


Sphere packing helical Levogyre Dextrogyre square




Symbolic and cultural algorithm and the diagram sphere-spiral-tetrad-cross-goblet-vine-wheat seed and standing wave.


Computational algorithm illustrating polygonal diagram concentric Hexagon-spheres, Levo-Dextrogyre and module of double spiral lattice of galaxy type.


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