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Message Subject Universal Sphere Vortex Theory
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
if only there was a way to start connecting people in same way these geometrys work to create our reality. acting as a random element, repairitve and healing if each connection, to unfold a new picture..

Thread: Tired of the bullshit America? Then lets take back our MF Land!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1634447

Unfortanetly, we always have been. But with certain "concrete ideas" our reality has been deeply in bedded in us, so there is a certain disconnect we experience without the understanding that there still is a connection. Thankfully the fabric of what is "real" is just that........ a fabric. If at any moment you start to notice the fabric, I highly encourage you to "try and play with it". No, not your pecker. Oh, and if youre ever lucky enough to ever get to that point, here some advice... for the period of time, resist any thought it not being real. Close your mind and any fun you could of had "experimenting" goes bye bye. But then again, I dont know anything and am proud to be crazy.

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