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Message Subject Universal Sphere Vortex Theory
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
is that energy you are trying to draw, because a couple months ago i started feeling energy, and it somehow reminds me of youre images, orbs etc. i feel energy flowing west to east and south to north, and a third energy from center of earth to possibly center of suns orbit, im not sure and very confused. if you are trying to develop an image of something you feel, perhaps they are connected, i believe energy is universal, these energys flow, they meet orbs i call them at base of spine where they organize. they shoot up, this energy if in an ideal floating in heaven type of worls would look like traintracks going straight up, with another little something spiraling around these traintracks keeping energy in place, remember thats an ideal heaven like eistence, i will explain , they meet another orb at top of spine. hold youre arms out, try to feel a flow, i can point my fingers up, palms out arms outstretched and i feel the energy travels like a lazer, strongest in directions indicated, turn palms down and energy instantly changes flowing down, pams up energy instantly turns up, always perfect 90 degrees, dna is the secret i believe, a code if you will, all things have energy. there is so much dark energy, i can feel it, it is like a disruption of the flow, i almost feel like a mini orb , a negative one gets logded in there, like a small orb causing electrical discharges, negative energy manifests, i hope i make sense, i never researched this because i wanted to see what i came up with by myself, anyway its all energy, all related to dna, all life is similiar, in real life if i were to draw this energy it would be two orbs, with slightly twisted sparking traintracks inbetween, the twisting and sparks are neg energy, it is indescribable somehow, but imagine the heaven or ideal eistence and all would flow in perfect harmony, again i hope i dont sound stupid, alot of things cause neg energy, alcahol, evil, gmo foods, lies, deceipt, all types of things, neg energy is real and has power, fear, aniety, etc, it manifests, cancer, disease etc. i plan on now researching , but i bet ya if i were in the pyramids i know i could point to center of outside wall, just know it. i know the little orb circling the traintracks spins clockwise if you were to see from under, somehow i think it turns 3 to 3.5 times around, dont know why i came up with that number but im known as a human calculator so i dont question, perhaps a connection to dna, gotta research, theres a connection somewhere, all is connected, seek positive energy, face youre fears , dont abuse anything. i now feel pos energy and neg energy coming off of some people, its crazy but real. anyway draw what would be heaven, not what is, for what is is chaos and we cant express that, we may be able to draw it but it can never be correct or right or finished, i have a feeling half of all backaches are neg energy manifesting not pulled muscles, i believe now food grown with love fosters pos energy, gmo not, life is a battle of good and evil, in the form of energy , if this makes sense to anyone send some tips on where to look for some more answers i now seek
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