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Message Subject If the german won WW II...!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Assuming they 'won': If you weren't part of the 'unwanted' then it's likely that you'd be okay with a reasonable standard of living. No doubt the 'undesirables' would be serving as slave labour to the ubermenschen.

You wouldn't have any freedom of expression I guess, although that's open to debate. Sometimes you can have state-sanctioned opposition groups who will opposed on a platform prescribed by the dictator/ruling party a la North Korea.

I would guess that Jews, Gyspises and Slavs may well be wiped off the face of the Earth by now, and people of colour would be slaves to the Reich. Whether those slaves would be treated well it's difficult to say; I would hazard a guess that they'd be treated like sentient animals of some description.

People would be encouraged to develop I guess; there was lots of scientific and philosophical research under Nazi rule. Bear in mind, however, that experimentation on Humans would probably be the norm, given that it yielded so many results during WW2, the data from which has been used and is still being used to produce 'things'.

Would the Reich have continued to exist as a dictatorship or slowly devolved into a democracy once they had their dream system in place? It's hard to say really. Hitler would be dead by now leastways, and so there's a chance it could've gone N Korea style with an appointed successor, or a form of devolution.

Hitler would have an almost demi-god like status amongst nations; the 'great father' or something weird like that - again, look to the idol worship in North Korea as the best example.

Not sure what day to day living would be like - the scientific approach to agriculture and husbandry would probably mean lots of food for everyone, and cities would most likely be designed upon utilitarian principles. I'm not sure whether there would be money or it would be a cashless state where people just work and then receive stuff equally. However, it wouldn't be communistic because the Reich probably wouldn't allow that.

In terms of science, I bet we'd have men on Mars by now.

By 2013 I think it would've become either a very stale society with people completely disillusioned with day to day existence because of state control of their lives OR we could be exploring the stars.

However, the price paid to reach either state in terms of human loss, well, it doesn't really bear thinking about. I would rather we arrive at a 'Utopian state' through peaceful means and cooperation and a slow realisation that we need to have a new system. Certainly not under the rule of the jackboot.

tl;dr - might be some positives, but would be pretty much outweighed by the negatives.
 Quoting: Smith Jefferys

Sounds like Obama's America.

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